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In the beginning when we ”were running” our own homes and feats we quickly realized how much work and continuous attention they needed from us. If you choose us, we will take away these burdens in order to enjoy your business income without making any effort on unfinished housework.

La Suite team is young, powerful and dynamic. We speak in several languages, know a lot about different cultures and most of us have tourism-hospitality qualification as well. As a tourist we have had a lot of good or less good experiences. We know what tired tourists are looking for after their long journey. That is why we treat them the way as we would expect to be treated in their place.

Our goal is to provide the best relaxation experience to all your guests hosted in your flat, managed under the brand La Suite. On the other hand are a company ensures you the highest income level.


Why to choose us?

  • We treat the guests as we would expect to be treated
  • You can gain higher income instead of leasing in long run
  • We always strive to provide your hosting service on the maximum utilization level

Kinga Stróbli

La Suite Budapest